If you are negotiating a commercial agreement, it is important that your contract includes key terms and conditions to ensure that:
+ the supplier’s product or service meets your needs;
+ you have clear rights and consequences for a supplier should an issue arise; and
+ the risk of underperformance is reduced.

To help you ascertain if a supplier’s contract will meet your business’ needs, LegalVision has developed a free Supplier Contracts Checklist, including:

Part I - Commercial Considerations:
+ Goods and/or Services
+ Price
+ Service Levels
+ Milestones
+ Warranty
+ Term and Termination.

Part II - Legal Considerations:
+ Indemnities
+ Modern Slavery
+ Data and Privacy
+ Intellectual Property
+ Liability.

Download the checklist today to ensure the commercial and legal terms in the contract will best meet your requirements.

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