If your employee is not performing at the expected level and they are not responding to informal feedback, you may need to implement a performance improvement plan (PIP) to get them back on track. LegalVision’s free PIP template will help.

The PIP template allows you to clearly identify the areas in which the employee needs to improve.
You can then add:

  • an action plan;
  • timeframes;
  • examples of improvement;
  • manager review notes; and
  • employee acknowledgement.

Develop the plan together with your employee to ensure that you have their buy in, and that they understand the outcomes if their performance does not improve.

Once your PIP is in place and both parties have signed it, you should:

  • monitor your employee’s performance; and
  • meet with them regularly (e.g. weekly) to discuss their progress.

Finally, as the deadlines fall due, meet with the employee to discuss how their performance has improved and, if necessary, any areas that still require improvement. Update the plan accordingly.

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